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Our Submarines

Sub Fun Tres and Sub Fun Cinco

Submarine Safaris operate one of the world's most sophisticated hi-tech tourist submarines.

Our Submarines are named Sub Fun Tres - Lanzarote and Sub Fun Cinco - Tenerife. They have been designed and built specifically for the submarine tourist industry. Each submarine is built to a very high specification and cost over 3 million euros each. They are designed for safety and total comfort so our passengers can fully enjoy their diving experience. The cabin is spacious and is maintained at normal atmospheric conditions, so pregnant women, heart patients and persons with ear problems will not be affected in any way.

Between the two operations we have carried out over 30,000 dives taking nearly a million guests to the unexplored waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

So come on and join us on your own personal underwater experience.

Some Technical Specifications of our Submarines
  • The submarines were designed and built in Finland
  • They are 18.5 m long, 4 m wide and 6.5 m high
  • Total weight in air is 106 tons
  • Maximum operating depth is 60 m
  • Capacity: 48 passengers and crew
  • 22 large viewports (800mm diameter), 11 on each side
  • 2 very large viewports (each end): 1600mm diameter
  • Propulsion: 6 x 15 k/Watts electrical motors
  • Safety features: All systems are duplicated for extra safety
    + Surface control boat