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Reduce, Recycle, Rethink

We truly recognize that any economic activity must search for ways to protect the environment it works within. The choices the company makes will leave a legacy for those who will follow on this wonderful planet of ours.

We want to share our underwater experience and educate all on the importance of our World Oceans and the role they play on our environment. We are fully committed to protecting our oceans and try to go the extra mile to inform and ensure we maintain a eco balance with our seas.

Submarine Safaris

Fully Electric

Our Submarines (Sub Fun 3 and Sub Fun 5) are fully electrically operated, with no oil, exhausts or contaminations onboard.

The submarines become part of the underwater world, without disturbing the balance of the marine eco system in the waters around our islands. We can all share this magical world hidden under our waters while preserving its beauty and health for generations to come!

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Submarine Safaris

Sustainability Practices

Submarine Safaris utilise the following sustainability practices

  • Paper Straws
  • Paper Bags
  • Clients Recycle Bins
  • Paper Cups
  • Ocean Awareness Areas
  • Touch Screen Info / Learning Kiosks
  • Battery & Ink Recycling
Submarine Safaris