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  • I have an ear problem and my doctor says I shouldn't dive. Should I go on the submarine?

    The inside of the submarine is maintained at normal atmospheric conditions, and so it feels no different to being on the surface. Therefore even at the bottom of the ocean your ears will NOT be affected.

  • Can pregnant women go on the submarine?

    Yes, it’s perfectly safe for pregnant women to go on our submarine for the same reason as above.

  • I get claustrophobic and am scared to go on the submarine, even though I would like to. What's it like inside?

    The inside of the submarine is spacious and light with a central aisle. Similar to a small airliner, except the seats all face outwards, with large viewing windows in front. Most people who feel a little nervous before diving are fine when on-board, but the final decision has to be yours.

  • Will I see lots of fish?

    Put simply, yes! The area is home to a wide range of fish of all shapes and sizes. Each day is unique, and we cannot guarantee what types we will see, but you will always see a lot!


  • How long is the trip on the submarine?

    With boarding the trip is about an hour, and there is a little time before and after to look around the marina.

  • Is transport included?

    Coach transfers to and from your resort are available. Pick-up details provided on booking.

  • Is food included on the trip?

    No, but there are cafe and facilities refreshment at the marina.

  • Will I get seasick? Is it like being on a boat?

    Being on a submarine is very different to being on a boat. There is no rocking motion, as the submarine sits below the waves, and so people who get seasick on a boat will not do so on our submarine.

  • My child is under two years of age. Can they go on the dive?

    Sorry, no. For safety reasons we cannot take passengers under the age of two years under any circumstances. However, we do provide a bus transfer for spectators. Call for details.

  • How deep do you dive?

    Our normal diving depth is between 25-30 metres as this is where most of the marine life lives.

  • Do you take group bookings?

    Yes, the more, the better! Provided the dive time (and day) is available, we can take up to 44 passengers on any one dive.