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Pick up service

The Submarine Safari experience begins with a pick-up from your resort from where you’ll be taken to our marina. We offer dives 6 days a week from each location. (We dive 7 days per week during the summer holidays).

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Submarine Safaris

Inside the submarine

After a short safety presentation you’ll be shown to your personal seat on our submarine which is right in front of a large viewing port, ensuring you have the very best view possible of the underwater world outside the sub.

Each viewing port has its own TV screen which cleverly shows alternative viewing angles of the scene outside. It also includes a digital display with fascinating information about the submarine itself including Depth and Sea temp. The cabin is spacious and is maintained at normal atmospheric conditions, so pregnant women, heart patients and persons with ear problems will not be affected in anyway.

Our submarines

Submarine Safaris


“A lovely little adventure with the family to the bottom of the sea! About an hour along the bottom checking out he fishes and wrecks. Very interesting and not at all claustrophobic”
“Avons fait cette sortie avec nos deux petits enfants, c'était fascinant et les enfants ont adoré. 
Dans le sous marin, nous sommes descendus à 34 m. La sortie a duré près d'une heure. 
L’organisation est parfaite.”
“Wouldn't want to spoil it by giving a description. You need to experience it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. Best experience I have had. Book it now!”
“Divertida experiencia. Ideal para compartir en familia. Se pueden observar los restos de dos barcos y bancos de peces. Todo ello cómodamente sentado.”

The dive

The sub will dive to a depth of around 100ft (30m) beneath the Atlantic Ocean which is always teeming with marine life of all shapes, colours and sizes. We will provide commentary throughout the dive about the submarine itself and the marine life.

The submarine will park up on the seabed, clients can take photos with the pilot in the cockpit.

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Submarine Safaris

Back to the marina

After your Submarine Safari, back on terra firma, you’ll be awarded a personalised Diving Certificate as the perfect memento of a fascinating experience. You will get free time in marina Puerto Calero in Lanzarote and Amarilla Marina in Tenerife, to have a good look around both before and after your dive.

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